Planned Parenthood Shooting: Admitted Shooter’s Competency Hearing Postponed

Robert Lewis Dear
(Andy Cross/The Denver Post via AP, Pool)
In this December 2015 file photo, Robert Dear glares at his attorney Daniel King during a court hearing in Colorado Springs.

A mental competency hearing for a man who admitted to killing three people at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic has been continued until next month.

Officials said Wednesday the report was not ready and a new hearing was set for March 23.

A judge ordered the exam after 57-year-old Robert Lewis Dear announced that he wanted to fire his public defenders and represent himself. The exam will show whether he is mentally capable of making that decision.

Prosecutors charged Dear with 179 counts including murder, attempted murder and assault for the Nov. 27 shooting that also left nine injured.

A judge refused his request to speak on Wednesday. On the way out, Dear told reporters he had "secret case files" he wanted to share.

Prosecutors say Dear's outbursts show an understanding of the case against him.