Denver Pulls Curtain Back On Performing Arts Complex Overhaul Plan

February 25, 2016
Photo: 'The Dancers' Denver Performing Arts Complex(Hart Van Denburg/CPR News)
"The Dancers" in the Sculpture Park outside the Denver Performing Arts Complex.

The plan was unveiled Wednesday at a meeting of the City Council's Infrastructure & Culture Committee, the Denver Post reports. Here are the highlights:

  • The 2,600-seat Boettcher Concert Hall comes down.
  • A new building on the Boettcher site house the city’s performing arts school.
  • A 1,200-seat venue replaces the parking garage at 14th and Arapahoe streets.
  • The Sculpture Park would be overhauled, enlarged, raised and gain a pavilion.
  • A parking facility would go under the Sculpture Park.
  • Three high-rise residential towers could be part of the complex.