How Colorado’s Body Cam Laws Stack Up To Other States

<p>(Rachel Estabrook/CPR News)</p>
<p>Pueblo Police Officer Matt Van Leeuwen wears his body camera on the buttons of his uniform shirt.</p>
Photo: Body cameras in Pueblo officer with camera
Pueblo Police Officer Matt Van Leeuwen wears his body camera on the buttons of his uniform shirt.

an in-depth look at how law enforcement agencies in the state were using body cameras. We focused on how different cities were using the new technology.

Now, The Urban Institute is out with new maps showing how body camera legislation differs from state to state. The takeaway for Colorado: camera-specific legislation here is lagging behind many other states. Click here to see the interactive map.

Chart: Urban Institute body cam
The Urban Institute created this state-by-state comparison of policies regulating the use of police body cameras.

But a group created last year to study best practices and future policies for body-worn cameras is set to issue its recommendations to the legislature next week. That could spark more camera-specific specific legislation.