Colorado’s Rural Economy Faring Better Than Most, Says Report

<p>(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)</p>
<p>Getting in the harvest near Yuma, Colo., in 2014.</p>
Photo: Harvest, Yuma, Colorado
Getting in the harvest near Yuma, Colo., in 2014.

, according to the Rural Main Street Index, produced by Creighton University. But Colorado is doing better than most, says the report.

That’s partly because whole Front Range economy is strong, helping to bolster rural areas. Also, oil prices have risen about 40 percent this year. And wheat and corn prices seem to have stabilized, albeit at a low level.

That’s why Colorado will outperform all other nearby agricultural states, says the report. In fact, Colorado is one of only two states in the region expected to actually grow its rural economy in the short term. Iowa is the other.