TB In Colorado: Officials Step Up Efforts To Eliminate Disease

Public health officials in Colorado are stepping up efforts to eliminate tuberculosis, in Colorado, by 2026. The disease is rare but can be deadly.

Tuberculosis, or TB, is an infectious disease that mainly affects the lungs.

Last year, there were 74 cases of TB reported in Colorado. But thousands more carry the bacteria without knowing it or developing symptoms.

Now health officials are teaming up to increase awareness about testing and treatment for TB.

Dr. Robert Belknap, who directs the Denver Metro TB Program, said cases are rare in the U.S. but doctors need to know if a person has been to a country where it’s common.

“If a person was infected before they came to the U.S., they can carry that infection with them for many years,” Belknap said.

The coalition includes Denver Public Health, the state health department and other agencies.