House Panel OKs Medical Marijuana In Schools Bill

A bill that would allow school children to consume medical marijuana on campus passed a House committee Monday.

Jack Splitt, a 15-year-old Wheat Ridge High School student with cerebral palsy, spoke in favor of the bill through a voice box.

“With my cannabis medicine I feel good in my body and my mind," Splitt said. "My muscles stop having spasms and I don’t feel so much pain. Then, I can concentrate on school instead of wondering when the pain will stop.”

The bill would affect about 300 Colorado students who currently have to leave campus to take medical marijuana for ailments like cancer or epilepsy.

The bill originally required schools to establish formal policies to allow medical marijuana use. An amendment approved Monday changed it to permit a child’s caregiver to administer the drug in non-smoke form on campus, regardless of whether an official policy is in place.

The bill now heads to the full floor of the House.