DPS Teachers Give ‘Pay-For-Performance’ System A Mixed Grade

A new report shows that Denver’s teachers have concerns about the “pay-for-performance” system that gives them bonuses.

The study of 300 teachers, counselors and other school staff found that Denver teachers are confused between one-time bonuses and incentives that may increase their base salary.

The bonuses and incentives also vary year to year which makes it hard to predict their take-home pay. In Denver, teachers get bonuses for a variety of things: if their students score high on tests or if they teach in a high-needs school.

Teachers found the system – called “Pro Comp” -- overly complex and think their evaluation ratings are too subjective to be tied to pay.

The Pro Comp system has been in place 11 years as a way to try to boost teacher performance. Teachers in the middle range of effectiveness were the most positive about ProComp.

The report was commissioned by Denver Public Schools and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association. The current system must be renegotiated in August.