Colorado’s Blaha Makes GOP Senate Ballot

The drama continues over how many names will appear on Colorado’s Republican Senate primary ballot.

Colorado Springs businessman Robert Blaha is set to join three other candidates who were approved earlier. Blaha successfully challenged the Secretary of State’s ruling that he hadn’t gathered enough valid signatures.

But one more hopeful is still fighting. A judge ruled Thursday that former Aurora City Councilman Ryan Frazier’s name must appear on the ballot, although he may not have qualified for it.

Frazier has appealed a decision that his signatures were insufficient and the case is pending. But the state can’t wait for a final decision because ballots go in the mail to overseas voters in just over a week.

So to be safe, Frazier will be included on the ballot. However, if his appeal is rejected, he will have to withdraw from the contest and votes for him will not be counted.