Governor Haunted By Links To Prison Chief Killing

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper met recently with authorities investigating the assassination of one of his cabinet members by the son of one of the governor's closest friends.

Hickenlooper has said little about the case publicly in the three years since the murder of corrections chief Tom Clements. Gunman Evan Ebel was the son of Hickenlooper's longtime friend.

Key questions remain unanswered even as the investigation winds down. That includes whether the killer — a recently paroled member of a white supremacist prison gang — acted alone. One recently released police report suggests the killing was a gang hit. Colorado investigators now overseeing the case say that didn't happen.

In his newly released candid autobiography, Hickenlooper — a dark horse to be the Democratic nominee for vice president— recalled the first time he realized that he was the one who led the murderous son of one close friend to the doorstep of another.