Clinton’s Colorado Campaign Dwarfs Trump’s, So Far

Photo: Trump And Clinton 2 Shot (AP File)
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The presidential campaigns are ramping up their Colorado operations, but the size of those efforts is currently rather lopsided.

Republican Donald Trump has 15 paid staff in the state and is in the process of opening his first four campaign offices – in Denver, Loveland, Wheat Ridge, and Colorado Springs.

Democrats have a stronger presence in Colorado, with more than 100 field operatives working for Clinton and the rest of the ticket. The party has 17 campaign offices around the state.

Businessman Robert Blaha, chair of Trump’s Colorado effort, said the campaign is working closely with the Colorado Republican Party.

"The state party and us are literally attached at the hip," Blaha said. And the RNC also has more than 30 paid staff in Colorado working to elect Trump and other candidates.

Clinton campaign spokesperson Meredith Thatcher said that, along with bigger presence in the state, this is the first time Democrats have used a unified campaign here and elsewhere.

"We’re not duplicating our efforts by having multiple organizing teams out there talking to the same people and trying to compete with each other to get volunteers," Thatcher said.

Colorado airwaves are much quieter so far this year than in recent presidential elections. Neither Trump nor Clinton currently have any ad time reserved in the state.