Aztec Baroque? A Boulder Choral Director On Exploring A Unique Subgenre

<p>(Photo: Courtesy of the artist)</p>
<p>Seicento Baroque Ensemble</p>
Photo: Seicento
Seicento Baroque Ensemble

A Boulder-based choral group explores an unusual chapter in the history of classical music this weekend.

Seicento Baroque Ensemble will perform Baroque music written by indigenous composers in Latin America in the 16th and 17th centuries. The program focuses on music by Aztec and Nahua composers from what’s now Mexico and El Salvador.

The pieces contain traditional chords and harmonies you’d associate with European Baroque music, but also incorporates rhythms from these composers’ native culture.

There’s a fascinating story behind the blend of cultures that created the music, and its rediscovery in recent decades.

Evanne Brown, the group’s founder and artistic director, spoke with CPR Classical about that history, learning to perform the unusual music and what makes it so exciting to sing. Click the play button to hear the conversation:


Seicento sings the music in three concerts this weekend: Friday in Denver, Saturday in Boulder and Sunday in Longmont.

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