Colo. AG Partners With 6 State Colleges, Universities On Sex Assault Prevention Program

The Colorado Attorney General’s office said it partner with six Colorado colleges and universities for access to an online program that educates students and young adults on sexual assault prevention.

Colorado State University-Fort. Collins, Colorado State University-Pueblo, Lamar Community College, Otero Junior College, Pueblo Community College, and Trinidad State Junior College are part of the program.

Attorney General Cynthia Coffman says the issue is timely, with the comments made by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump about assaulting women.

"I try to look for the silver lining in that conversation, and say this is the time for awareness, it's a time to take very seriously how we are treating each other in relationships, and how we respond as a society,” Coffman told CPR News.

Her office says 20 percent of women in college will be the victims of sexual assault, and "that is a staggering number of women whose lives are forever impacted. We must take a proactive approach by empowering young women and men in our State to stop sexual assault before it happens. That is why I am proud to provide this opportunity for students on our campuses,” Coffman said.

Five of the six institutions receiving the funding are community colleges, including Lamar Community College. President Linda Lujan welcomed news, saying sexual assault prevention is a high priority on her campus, but it can be costly to address.

"Making sure that our students are safe and knowledgeable, that they have the very best experience possible, as all our other higher ed colleagues care to do as well, is very very important. But our resources are quite limited,” she said.