Despite Attempted Defection, All Nine Colorado Electoral College Votes Counted For Clinton, Kaine

Photo: Colorado Electoral College 2016 Electors Taking Oath - MSakas
Colorado electors take the oath before casting their votes on Monday, Nov. 19, 2016 at the state Capitol. Electors had challenged the oath in court and the Colorado Secretary of State issued a new rule with new accordance with a judge's ruling.

Colorado's Electoral College has cast its ballots, with all nine electoral votes going to the state's winners, Democrats Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. Eight of the state's nine original electors supported Clinton, as required by state law.

The ninth elector, Micheal Baca, refused to vote for Clinton and was replaced. His attorney is fighting to have that replacement vote invalidated.

One of the so-called Hamilton Electors, Baca previously told Colorado Matters that he intended not to vote for Clinton and that he was "willing to break that law" -- referring to requirement that binds electoral votes to the state's popular vote winner.

But in Colorado, and across the country, electors' efforts to deny Republican Donald Trump the presidency ultimately failed. He got enough electoral college votes to secure his win by Monday afternoon.

Protesters watching the vote shouted in support of Baca as his replacement was sworn in.

Chief Justice Rice swearing in replacement elector

Electors vote separately for president and vice president. Baca was present at the table, but did not join the other electors in signing the ballot for Tim Kaine.

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to correct that Micheal Baca was present as the electors voted for Tim Kaine for vice president, but did not vote himself. We regret the error.