Colorado Teens: Tell Us Your Hopes Or Fears About A Donald Trump Presidency

Photo: Donald Trump Denver 11-6-2016 (AP)
Donald Trump in Denver on Saturday Nov. 5, 2016.

From an American teenager's vantage point, the Donald Trump Administration will set the tone for the country as they enter adulthood, and we want to hear from you if you're one of them. What matters to you as President Trump begins his term? What do you think of him? What issues will you be watching? What are your hopes and concerns?

Trump's inauguration is Friday. On Colorado Matters Thursday we talked to a group of teens from around the state of varying political viewpoints, and we want to hear from you too. Join this conversation by calling 720-3584029 and leaving a voice mail at the prompt. We may publish your responses or use them on the air. Thank you for participating.