Trump Supporters Rally In Denver As Part Of National Effort

Photo: Pro-Trump Rally COLEG - SBrasch
Supporters of President Donald Trump rally on the steps of the Colorado Capitol in Denver.

Supporters of President Donald Trump rallied outside the Colorado Capitol Monday, organized by a group called Main Street Patriots in response to recent demonstrations against the president.

“We’re just here to have a good time and to thank Donald Trump for moving forward with his policies,” said Betty Blanco, who leads the group in Colorado.

Conservative radio hosts, some state lawmakers and religious leaders spoke at the rally, which is one of similar events planned across the country this week by Main Street Patriots. Debbie Dooley, a Tea Party activist, is helping Main Street Patriots organize the events.

Speaking from the capitol steps, Hugo Chavez-Rey, the Chairman of the Colorado Hispanic Republicans, brought up media coverage of the anti-Trump movement. He asked people there not to let it diminish their support for the president.

Hugo Chavez-Rey, hispanic Republican, at pro Trump rally: "Nobody has the right to enter the country unless they're invited!"

“We need to stay vigilant because the opposition, as you know, is well-organized,” he said. “But what they don’t tell you is that they are also paid.”

9News has examined accusations of paid protestors. On Craigslist, they found progressive causes seeking people to make phone calls on their behalf or hit the street with clipboards. No paid positions to pack a protest crowd were found.

At the pro-Trump rally, Rey also explained why Hispanic people, like himself, voted for Trump.

“Nobody — and I mean nobody — has the right to enter the country unless they are invited!” he said to applause.

Other speakers included Republican State Senator Tim Neville, who represents Gilpin County and parts of the Denver Metro. He called on the activists stay on top of their representatives.

“Keep an eye on all of us, keep us focused,” he said, pointing to the Capitol behind him. “And don’t let them forget: this is our house!”

Connie Truax of Lakewood was in the crowd and said it wouldn’t be fair to compare this rally to recent large demonstrations against the president.

“There are probably not the tens of thousands of people here we would like to expect, but most of us have jobs,” she said.

Trump's backers will have another chance to show their support for him this weekend in another rally and march in downtown Denver being organized Saturday by Main Street Patriots.