Ex-State Treasurer Cary Kennedy Announces Run For Governor

Photo: Cary Kennedy (Courtesy)
Cary Kennedy, a Democrat, announced her run for governor of Colorado on Monday.

Former State Treasurer Cary Kennedy entered the quickly growing field for Colorado governor on Monday, citing her experience in managing state resources and her passion for public schools.

Kennedy is now among more than a dozen Republicans and Democrats who have pledged a run for the open seat being vacated by Gov. John Hickenlooper next year.

Kennedy says she is the only Democrat who has already won a statewide office and she has been a steward of public money most of her life. She is the author of Amendment 23, which guarantees increases to annual state spending on education.

On Monday, Kennedy pledged to stand up to President Trump's administration.

"We will stand against those policies and make sure whatever is happening in Washington does not take Colorado backwards," she said. "We will position Colorado to be a model ... Colorado is doing it right and we need to continue our progress no matter what's happening in D.C."

Kennedy announced her candidacy on a Facebook live video as she was driving her kids to school -- a stunt Republicans took aim at on Monday.

"We hope she'll focus on Colorado more than she focuses on the road," said Kelly Maher, who runs the conservative group Compass Colorado.