Aspen Skiing Co. Stocks Up On Tiny Company Homes

Photo: Aspen Ski Co Trailer Coaches - Courtesy Aspen
Aspen Skiing Co. is buying an additional 34 tiny homes from a manufacturer for $100,000 apiece. The new "trailer coaches" will join six previous units the resort tested out this last season.

Aspen Skiing Co. put six, 500-square-foot manufactured homes at a company-owned campground last winter. Company officials said Friday that worked out well, and they've ordered another 34 tiny homes, the Aspen Times reported.

The new homes are somewhat bigger — housing as many as three people, not just two. They will have not just one but 1.5 bathrooms.

Aspen Skiing Co. bought the campground in 2008 to help supply employee housing. Long-term tenants currently pay $750 per month for a campground space with water, sewer and electricity hookups.

Company officials gave current tenants notice Friday they must leave by Sept. 1.

"Having to leave the campground will likely disrupt your life in a significant way. We sincerely regret this," said a company letter to the tenants. "Unfortunately, Aspen Skiing Co.'s housing needs, combined with the valley-wide employee-housing crisis, demand this course of action."

The company initially gave long-term tenants notice in September 2015 that they needed to move by the following May, but it changed its plans to convert the campground into a short-term RV park.

Now, tenants who leave by June 30 will get a $3,000 incentive. The amount drops to $2,000 for those who leave by July 31 and $1,000 for those who leave by Aug. 31.

"The sooner a space is vacant, the sooner we can do site-specific work to prepare for the arrival of more trailer coaches," the company's letter explained.

The company is buying the tiny homes from a manufacturer for $100,000 apiece. Another 20 spaces in the campground will be available to Aspen Skiing Co. employees with RVs next winter.