#CPRnerd: We Want To Hear From You

CPR Nerd Quotable

CPR Nerd QuotableNerd: “One devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits” (Merriam-Webster dictionary)

If you’ve ever found yourself starting a conversation with ‘I heard on Colorado Public Radio…’ chances are, you might have a little CPR nerd in you. Whether your passion is keeping up with the news, music or current events shaping Colorado, listening to Colorado Public Radio is a great way to satisfy your appetite for learning and quell your inner nerd.

Celebrate and share your passion for information with Colorado Public Radio. Tell us: What about CPR connects you to your inner public radio geek? How does listening bring out the #CPRnerd in you? Share your story and follow Colorado Public Radio on Facebook and Twitter to see what your fellow CPR nerds have to say about their experience.

To participate:

1. Fill out and submit the #CPRnerd Form to tell us your story.

2. Let the world know why you’re a CPR nerd - share your story on Facebook or tweet us at @COPublicRadio using the hashtag #CPRnerd.