Parents Encouraged To Ask If There Are Unlocked Guns In Homes Where Their Kids Play

Colorado doctors and advocates for gun safety are promoting a program they say is designed to protect children from firearms.

Dr. Larry Wolk, the state's chief medical officer, and other pediatricians and physicians will promote their ideas Thursday at the state Capitol. It's called Asking Saves Kids.

C.U. emergency room Dr. Emmy Betz says the proposed program encourages parents to ask their kids if there's an unlocked gun in the homes where they play.

"This a great program because this is not about gun control," she said. "This is really about safety and what parents should be aware of and I like one of the posters even talks about these are awkward conversations, but awkward conversations come with being parents."

The program was created by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The group behind the event says child suicides, gun injuries and deaths are on the rise in Colorado.