Overcrowded La Plata County Jail Forced To Release Some Inmates

Authorities say some inmates had to be released after the La Plata County Jail exceeded capacity.

The Durango Herald reports the Durango jail reached capacity earlier this month when it housed 228 inmates — 11 more than its listed capacity of 217 inmates.

Sheriff Sean Smith says he asked for a judicial order allowing him to release low-level offenders.

Nineteen inmates were released after being reviewed by a judge. As of Wednesday, the jail held 190 inmates.

The jail is still taking in suspects with out-of-district warrants, no-bond warrants, people who face probation revocation and all defendants arrested for domestic violence.

Lt. Gary Boudreau with the La Plata County Jail says they are allowed to reject suspects with low-level felonies and non-violent misdemeanors.