Manitou Springs: Cleanup underway after flash flooding, hail

July 24, 2018
Photo: Manitou Springs hail piles up like snow | City of Manitou Springs
The City of Manitou Springs shared this photo to Facebook, where hail piled up like snow during severe storms on July 23, 2018.

People in southern Colorado are cleaning up after heavy rain triggered mudslides and flooding and hail piled up like snow.

Residents and businesses in Manitou Springs near Colorado Springs were told to evacuate because of Monday's rain.

Flood sirens were common in the resort town after the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire, prompting flood-control measures. The Gazette reported that the latest damage appeared less extensive than in the past, with rocks, gravel and hail left behind after the rain, rather than mud.

The flooding and mudslides temporarily shut down U.S. Highway 24 near Manitou Springs. Flooding also forced the closure of roads in Fremont County.

Photo: Flooding and mudslides in Manitou Springs | City of Manitou Springs
Flooding and mudslides temporarily shut down U.S. highway 24 near Manitou Springs on July 23, 2018.