Westminster Bans New Development For 1 Year Due To Sewer Overload

A Colorado sewer system is so overburdened that the city is banning new development for 12 months.

The Denver Post reports the Westminster City Council on Monday unanimously adopted an emergency ordinance that freezes acceptance of new, large-scale development proposals in the area served by the Big Dry Creek Interceptor Sewer system network for up to a year.

The city approved a 12-month moratorium on new development applications north of 92nd to address critical sanitary sewer capacity constraints. Further study of the system made it clear additional steps were needed to protect public health and safety. https://t.co/YqgkQoAy3u pic.twitter.com/FCUa4AUiez

A staff memo recommending the emergency ordinance says, "Not addressing these system constraints is believed to compromise the health, safety, and welfare of the community with a level of risk that is not acceptable."

The council was briefed last week about the sewer's capacity, age and condition issues.

The 22-mile-long Big Dry Creek network collects sewage and wastewater from about two-thirds of the city of more than 110,000 people.