Animal Death Toll Rises At Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

<p>Courtesy of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo</p>
<p>The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is found in the southwest corner of Colorado Springs, Colo.</p>
Photo: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Sign - Courtesy
The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is found in the southwest corner of Colorado Springs, Colo.

One more bird has died and a meerkat is still missing and presumed dead after a powerful hailstorm pummeled Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs.

Spokeswoman Jenny Koch tells The Gazette a peacock named Snoop died from injuries suffered in Monday's hailstorm, and a meerkat pup that is believed to have burrowed underground hasn't been found.

Koch said earlier this week that a 13-year-old rare Cape vulture named Motswari and a 4-year-old Muscovy duck named Daisy were killed. All of the other injured animals at the zoo are expected to recover.

The short but intense storm dropped baseball-size hail, injuring 14 people and damaging scores of vehicles. More than 100 disabled cars remain in the zoo's main parking lot.

“Although the Zoo is fully covered by insurance, the revenue lost during these high-season days will still be a hit for our nonprofit budget,” Koch wrote in an email to The Gazette. “Our employees are also stretched financially, due to personal vehicle losses.”

Flyover video from KUSA-TV shows some buildings were heavily damaged in the intense storm with battered roofs and shattered skylights. The zoo is accepting donations to aid with clean-up and relief at and will reopen to the public on Saturday, Aug. 11.

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