iPad Battery Malfunction Leads To Apple Store Evacuation In Amsterdam

An Apple store in Amsterdam was evacuated and temporarily closed on Sunday in what local news reports described as the explosion of an iPad battery.

Employees immediately responded to the incident by placing the device into a sand-filled fire bucket and contacting the local fire department as a precautionary measure, according to a BBC report. Firefighters and first responders arrived to help ventilate the store.

No life-threatening injuries were reported; however, three employees were treated for minor respiratory issues caused by inhaling chemical fumes released by the Apple tablet, according to the BBC.

But Apple says no customers or employees required medical attention. The company is still investigating the Sunday incident, according to an Apple spokesperson.

The store has since been reopened.

9to5Mac, a site that covers Apple, outlined some precautions users can take to prevent injury. "As always, don't attempt to replace a swollen battery. Head in to an Apple store or nearest authorized Apple service provider as soon as possible," it said.

Apple stores have dealt with similar device malfunctions this year. An iPhone battery exploded in the Apple Store in Zurich in January, Digital Trends reported. Another battery exploded in an Apple Store in Valencia, Spain.

Tech giant Samsung has also experienced issues with battery malfunctions. NPR reported last year on the company's investigation into Galaxy Note 7 phones catching fire. Faulty batteries exhibiting short circuits led to the recall of 2.5 million of the devices.

Apple's help page for maximizing battery life and life span outlines how users can properly care for their products. It recommends updating to the latest software and avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures to get the best performance from the lithium-ion batteries.

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