Claude Debussy’s Meditation On Childhood Still Thrills Listeners At Any Age

August 23, 2018

He wrote this dedication on the score:

“To my dear Chou-Chou, with the tender apologies of her father for what is to follow.”

That dedication has drawn more than a little speculation. Most scholars think that he was referring to her inevitable loss of innocence as she grew up.

Photo: Claude Debussy, composer
Composer Claude Debussy

Still, "Children’s Corner" remains a reminder of the essence of childhood, in all its innocence and wonder.

Pianist Kenny Broberg treated listeners to the playful "Golliwog's Cakewalk" -- the most famous of the six movements in "Children's Corner" -- during his recent CPR Performance Studio session. Watch the video above, and check out more music from Broberg's session.

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