On Sunday Mornings, Sacred Classics Is Now Called Sing!


CPR Classical’s tradition of airing choral music on Sunday mornings goes back more than 15 years. Longtime host David Rutherford recently left CPR to start a new business, but our tradition lives on. David Ginder is your new host, bringing a passion for choral music, as well as a new name for the show.

I have loved choral music for a very long time, and in fact used to host a choral music show back in Washington D.C. So I’m delighted to continue our longstanding tradition of bringing you singing on a Sunday morning.

The music stays the same. Just a different host. (Good luck, David Rutherford, on your new business adventure!) I wanted to change the name of the show too, partly to acknowledge the host change, but mostly to be simple and to the point. The name “Sing!” just seemed natural.

I also want to remember that our Sunday morning music has been and continues to be both sacred and secular. I fleetingly toyed with “Sacred and Profane Classics.”inspired by Debussy’s “Sacred and Profane Dances,” but that wasn’t quite a fit!

The voice is an instrument we’ve all had since birth, and since the beginning of human existence. I look forward to exploring its rich cultural heritage with music you probably wouldn’t hear otherwise.

For those in the audience who do sing on Sunday mornings, I’m in awe of how you use your own bodies as instruments of musical expression. What a miracle! And what a perfect foundation it is to the reflective time we enjoy together before another week begins.

Oh, and don’t worry. My love of the music is centered on listening, not doing the singing.

Trust me: That’s a relief.

Listen for Sing! Sunday mornings, 6 to 10 a.m.