The Wolf Spotted In Northern Colorado Isn’t From Here. It’s A Wyoming Wolf

Wildlife officials have confirmed at least one gray wolf from Wyoming was spotted in northern Colorado.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said Wednesday the animal reported near Walden in Jackson County was a male from the Snake River wolf pack.

It was wearing a radio collar and was last recorded Feb. 12 around South Pass in west-central Wyoming.

Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Rebecca Ferrell said biologists were unable to confirm whether a second animal reported in Grand County was also a gray wolf.

Gray wolves were native to Colorado but were hunted to near extinction by the 1940s. The most recent previous confirmed wolf sightings in the state were also near Walden, in 2015.

It is unlawful to harm, harass or kill a gray wolf, except in cases of self-defense, under the Endangered Species Act.

About 6,000 of the animals live in the Northern Rockies, Pacific Northwest and Western Great Lakes.

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