Colorado People Love Colorado Day. Colorado Dogs Love It Even More

Hart Van Denburg, CPR News
Digging holes at Stapleton Dog Park is hard in the summer. Wearing two fur coats is harder. Just ask Juneau, Hart Van Denburg’s husky.

Between that pesky rent payment and the often-exclaimed "BOY THIS YEAR IS FLYING BY!", the first of the month can be a bit frightening.

But not on August 1. On August 1, it's Colorado Day.

One hundred and forty-three years ago on the first of August, Colorado became a state, thanks to Ulysses S. Grant. As the story goes, President Andrew Johnson vetoed the first bid. But Colorado officially landed statehood on its second try and became the Centennial state — precisely the same year the country celebrated its centennial (and by the way, here's what our first state flag looked like).

So, what's the best way to celebrate Colorado Day? Well, if you aren't able to hit up one of the state's parks for free next week, you can share with us one of your favorite photos from a previous trip.

Here's a look at some of our favorites so far:

Just a Colorado dog livin' his best Colorado life.

?Everybody's goin' surfin'...surfin' Great Sand Dunes?

And here we have an example of a classic Colorado weekend.

I think this came in a frame I bought in Colorado one time.


Not your average neighborhood watch.

Sit ... stay .... decipher the interpretive signs around the compass ... good dog.

Bonus points awarded.

Local man brings dog to Red Rocks.

No pet? No problem. You don't need a pet to enjoy a Colorado sunset.