Rain, Thunder, Hail — You Name It: It Sure Is Coming Down In Denver Wednesday Night

Courtesy of the National Weather Service
The weather map of Denver tonight.

Severe thunderstorms hit the Denver metro Wednesday evening, and shrouded the entire Front Range in storm warnings for the immediate future.

Natalie Sullivan with the National Weather Service recorded over an inch of rain in under an hour in the metro, and 1-inch wide hail stones in Denver, Aurora and Genesee. Winds blowing between 7-11 mph were predicted.

A flash flood warning was activated around 6:30 p.m. across the metro area until later in the evening.

The National Weather Service also cautioned drivers against driving through stretches of high and running water.

"We have a lot of rain falling out of these storms. Heavy rain with the storms not moving very much so they're pretty much stationary and just dropping a lot of rainfall," Sullivan said.

The National Weather Service was initially too busy to respond to comment.

The storm was immediately recorded by onlookers as sheets of rain fell, streets flooded and thunder claps set off many a car alarm in the city.

The Lakewood Police Department even put out a gentle request for everyone to please not do any crime until the storm passed.