Spinney Mountain State Park Closed After 16 Inches Of Hail And Flooding

Courtesy of Spinney Mountain State Park
Damage to the Spinney Mountain Access Road from a story on September 3, 2019.

Spinney Mountain State Park is closed after severe weather Tuesday evening caused extensive flooding and damaged roads.

Roads in parts of Eleven Mile State Park and Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area were also damaged.

"There could be some campgrounds that close for the weekend," said Jason Clay, public information officer at Colorado Parks and Wildlife. "But at this point they're not gonna cancel any reservations that have been made they're gonna wait and see if repairs can be made or if they need to be closed down."

There is no estimated time for the park located in Lake George to reopen.

Roads weren't the only thing damaged, a young pronghorn deer died in the storm, according to CPW Northeast's Twitter.