‘What’s The Deal With Blucifer?’ And 6 Other Things Coloradans Wondered About This Year

People in Colorado sure are curious.

That's not my attempt at humor. It's a statement of fact: In 2019, you — the royal you, the people of Colorado — asked CPR News 1,097 very Colorado-y questions through a cool thing we have called Colorado Wonders.

We love that you ask them. We love that you want to know things about where you live, and why things happen or don't happen. And we love that we get to help find answers for you.

Spoiler alert: We haven't answered all of your questions (yet). But we were able to make quite a dent. Here's a look at seven from that list.

What's The Deal With Blucifer? Here's The Deal With Blucifer

Stephanie Wolf/CPR News
Behold: Blucifer, the demon horse of DIA.

The first thing you need to know about Blucifer is that Blucifer is not the sculpture's name. It's Mustang. And the second thing you need to know is that Mustang was the topic of dozens of different questions we got throughout the year.

And lucky for you, we wrapped all the answers up in a neat article for you this holiday season.

About Those Orange Balls Hanging From Power Lines On I-70...

Large plastic balls attached to support wires above a power line on the Interstate 70 corridor near Mother Cabrini Shrine, Aug. 9, 2019.
Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
Oh, THOSE orange balls. The ones you see hanging from power lines near the Mother Cabrini Shrine on I-70.

There’s a lot to see from your car as you drive around Colorado. We get questions about it all the time. So, naturally, one about the orange balls that hang from power lines over I-70 was one of them.

Turns out, the answer has to do with helicopters — and it's a bit of a tearjerker.

So That's Why People in Denver Keep Their Lights Up After Christmas

Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
It's the City and County Building in Denver! In holiday lights!

Apparently, in Denver, procrastination is encouraged.

Really — a Denver tradition encourages you to leave your Christmas decorations up long past the 25th of December. Into mid-January, even.

Is it a good tradition? A great tradition? Not-so-great? Hard to say. We're just here to look into the tradition for you and tell you how it all started.

Can I Recycle My Pizza Box? Yes. Well, Sort-Of. How Greasy Is It?

Xandra McMahon/CPR News
Meet Brent Hildebrand, Master of Recycling. More formally, Vice President of Recycling for Alpine Waste and Recycling.

A question as old as time: trash or recycle? The number of questions we got this year about what can and cannot be recycled in Colorado could fill up hundreds of blue bins.

And while there are some universal truths around what to toss and what to gently place in recycling, we discovered it really comes down to what plant services your area.

So ... Aspen: A Brief History Of How It Became The Glitzy Playground Of The Rich

Courtesy Aspen Historical Society, Ringquist Collection
Celebrities were drawn to Aspen early in its resort days and saw it as a haven from the pressures of fame and fans, the story goes. Gary Cooper, left, poses on the slopes with his wife, Rocky, and ski jumper Art Devlin.

A typical Saturday night in current-day Aspen: Crowds festoon in designer coats and cowboy hats tip-toe over icy sidewalks and past glamorous bars and restaurants. bars. Mannequins peer from the glowing windows of Gucci and Prada.

A typical Saturday night the late 1800s Aspen: A collapsed mining economy.

How'd the city get from then to now?

Who Are All These People Who Can Afford Denver And Boulder's High Rents and Mortgages?

Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
A very nice, possibly very expensive looking high rise near Union Station in Denver, Colorado.

It's true that some home buyers in Boulder are getting beat out by cash offers — $300,000 or $400,000 worth of cash.

It's also true that a) homes have gotten more expensive, and b) that wages haven't remotely increased at the same rate. And it's true that there are lots of millennial-aged people along the Front Range who are filling these houses and high-rises.

But who are these millennials? Where have they come from and how did they end up in homes here? And what are they doing for work?

Finally, Can You Have A Best Seat For Sound At Red Rocks? And What About A Worst Seat?

Stephanie Wolf/CPR News
Is this the best seat for sound at Red Rocks? Probably not, since it's next to a giant red arrow.

The views are unbeatable. Plus, you get a workout in while walking to your seat. But how's the sound at the show? Is the sound best if you sit close up? Or far away?

... Or near the bathrooms?

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