Mayor Pete Is Coming To Stump In Denver — For Those Willing To Pony Up

Charles Krupa/AP Photo
South Bend, Ind., Mayor and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is holding a fundraiser somewhere in Denver next Wednesday evening.

To get a ticket to see the South Bend mayor, most supporters will have to contribute at least $25 (veterans can get a discounted ticket for $18.35). Details of the event, including location and exact time, are only being released to those with tickets.

Buttigieg recently announced he would open his high-dollar fundraisers to the press. CPR asked the campaign if that policy will apply to this event, but has yet received a response.

Colorado's own Democratic hopeful, Sen. Michael Bennet, has followed the lead of others in the field and says all of his fundraising events are now open to the media.

Buttigieg is just the latest in a string of presidential candidates to visit the Denver area. Businessman Tom Steyer held a public townhall over the weekend, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar was here in early December. Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders stumped in the state earlier in the year. Former Vice President Joe Biden has also held a fundraiser in Denver.

Historically, Colorado has been an afterthought in the presidential selection process. Through 2016, the state used a caucus system that ensured its convention delegates were awarded too late to have much influence.

However, voters that year chose to create a presidential primary. The first one will be held on March 3, Super Tuesday.