Sen. Gardner On Pelosi’s Impeachment Delay: ‘I Mean, She Doesn’t Seem To Care’

Nikki Haley With Cory Gardner
Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardener made a campaign appearance Monday Aug. 19, 2019, at the AMG National Trust Bank in Greenwood village with former Ambassador to the United Nations and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

Republican Sen. Cory Gardner continues to criticize House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's handling of the impeachment process.

In a rare moment for the senator, who has generally avoided reporters in recent months, Gardner took questions from the press before a Senate vote Monday evening.

As he waited for an elevator to take him up to the floor of the Senate chamber, with an ever-growing group of reporters standing by, Gardner would not say whether he wants to hear from top Trump Administration officials during a Senate impeachment trial.

Instead, he criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for holding onto the articles of impeachment while Senate leaders negotiate the process.

"Is Nancy going to send the articles over? I mean she doesn't seem to care," Gardner said in response to a question about whether former National Security Adviser John Bolton should be subpoenaed. "Is she going to follow the constitutional duties or is she just going to hold it?"

"I know you guys want to have a trial by Twitter but until she has the articles sent over, there is no trial," Gardner said before the elevator doors closed.

Bolton threw the Senate a curveball on Monday by saying he would testify in a Senate trial if subpoenaed.

A spokesperson for Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet said he would like to hear from witnesses like Ambassador Bolton and acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.

Most senators returned from their two-week holiday recess on Monday to face growing questions about how an impeachment trial would be run in the Senate and, more crucially, if witnesses should be called and when that might happen.