Video: Trump Impeachment Trial Day 10

GOP Sen. Collins will vote to allow Trump impeachment trial witnesses. Sen. Lamar Alexander, however, said "no need for more evidence." It's that kind of support that has left the fate of calling witnesses in doubt.

Democrats hopes of prolonging the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump and hearing from witnesses dimmed after Alexander's decision. The Democrats need to win four GOP senators for a victory Friday on summoning witnesses.

Colorado Public Radio will provide live coverage of the historic trial starting at 11 a.m. MST. You can tune in on the radio in your area, ask your smart speaker or watch the video feed above.

A vote on witnesses, expected Friday, could lead to an abrupt end and assured acquittal in only the third presidential impeachment trial in American history. Trump was pressing for action in time for his State of the Union address, and that now seems likely. As the Senate adjourned late Thursday, it set the date for Tuesday night's speech.

Collins, Alexander and Sen. Lisa Murkowski were playing an outsized role in the final hours of debate with pointed questions. Another Republican senator, Mitt Romney, has made clear he will vote for witnesses.

Murkowski is expected to announce her decision ahead of voting on Friday.

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