What Happened To Colorado’s Mysterious Drones? Here’s The Thing: Nobody Knows

· Jan. 31, 2020, 10:41 am
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In this June 11, 2015, photo, a hexacopter drone is flown by Doug Bennett, senior technician and operator for Intelligent UAS in front of board members of the National Corn Growers in Cordova, Md.

Sightings of the mysterious drones reportedly flying over eastern Colorado are down.

Morgan, Yuma and Weld counties have all noted a drop-off or an end to reports of the drones. The Colorado Department of Public Safety also said their reports are way down.

Sightings of hundreds of drones above Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming made national headlines just a few weeks ago. Residents across the area, plus law enforcement officers, reported seeing the vehicles fly above their homes.

Some of those who say they've seen these drones gathered in Facebook groups like one now called, DRONE Intelligence Center COLORADO NEBRASKA WYOMING and all other states. The consensus there seems to be that reports are down because people got tired of being discredited or "trolled." Residents are still posting sightings and theories in private groups, according to group member Rod Miller.

The sightings caused anxiety in residents over safety and privacy. Area law enforcement teamed up with the FBI and Federal Aviation Administration on a task force to investigate, with no result.

Taskforce leader and Morgan County Sheriff Dave Martin said Jan. 22 that there was no plan for the workgroup to meet again.

The Colorado Department of Public Safety, which was conducting its own investigation, issued a news release on Jan. 13 saying that most of the confirmed sightings were determined to be planets, stars, commercial aircraft or small hobbyist drones. The department said it could did not find evidence substantiating reports of large wingspan drones traveling in groups.

The CDPS report said only there were only four sightings confirmed by law enforcement that didn't have an explanation.

The department said its investigation also determined the drone that came close to hitting a Flight for Life helicopter was a hobbyist's drone unconnected to the mystery.

The Air Force, Google, Amazon and Uber have all denied the drones were theirs.

The CDPS is still accepting reports of the drones but has halted active investigations.

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