Southern Colorado Is Home To Some Great Musicians. Here Are 10 Songs To Check Out

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Ryan Warner
Vicky Gregor has been the music coordinator at KRCC in Colorado Springs for nearly three decades.

According to KRCC's Vicky Gregor, Southern Colorado's music scene has "exploded" in recent years. In recent years artists from Colorado Springs, Pueblo and beyond have found bigger audiences at venues like The Black Sheep and Lulu's Downstairs. They've also found new ways to release music via independent labels like Blank Tape Records.

Gregor, the music coordinator at KRCC, has had her finger on the pulse of Southern Colorado's music scene for nearly three decades and shared 10 of her favorite songs by local artists. Her picks range from brooding indie rock to country-blues to experimental electronica.

Listen to all of Vicky's picks below.

Spirettes: "Promachos"

We Are Not A Glum Lot: "What's Your Hat Say? Boo-Yah"

Inaiah Lujan: "Phases"

Briffaut: "Domino"

Grant Sabin: "Hollow Tree Blues"

Edith Makes A Paperchain: "Everything About Me"

Dear Rabbit: "Took Some Time"

The River Arkansas: "Hold On"

Firework Insurance: "Pinky Swear"

Anglum Mock & Greene: "Travelin' Light"