Indie 102.3 Presents: Denver Does Denver 2020

April 23, 2020

In 2009 a group of Denver musicians came together for a basic challenge: cover each other's music. Created by Yuzo Nieto of Pink Hawks fame, the challenge became an annual event, where participating acts would learn another musician's set, and then get together to perform each other's music.

It was a celebration of Denver music but with the spread of COVID-19 an in-person event just isn't feasible this year. Under stay-at-home orders and armed with a new Moog synthesizer, Curtis Wallach of the Denver band Hang Rounders (and booker at our very own Hi-Dive) collaborated with Suzanne Magnuson to cover a classic by Denver's Ned Garthe Explosion, thus kicking off the digital version of Denver Does Denver.

Indie 102.3 is proud to present this year's online festival, and is opening the challenge to all Colorado bands. We will house the covers right here on our website.

If you are a Colorado band, and you are interested in submitting your cover, send us your video and/or MP3/WAV through a YouTube or Dropbox link to

In the spirit of keeping the challenge going, here are this year's guidelines, by Wallach himself:

If a song of yours gets covered, you are automatically nominated to choose another Denver artist and cover a song of theirs. For everyone that puts out a new video/song, they can nominate a few extra Denver artists, as well. 

Indie 102.3 encourages you to share any of these covers via your own social media accounts, with the hashtag #denverdoesdenver and tag us too. We're @indie1023 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We'll upload new videos each Thursday, so keep 'em coming, and keep checking in!

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