Colorado 1st Congressional District 2020: Rep. Diana DeGette, Shane Bolling, Paul Noel Fiorino, Jan Kok and Kyle Furey On The Issues

Rep. Diana DeGette is a bit of an institution. She has represented the 1st Congressional District since the late 90s. First-time politician and Colorado native Shane Bolling is the GOP challenger. Paul Noel Fiorino represents the Unity Party, Kyle Furey is the Libertarian candidate and Jan Kok stands for the Approval Voting Party,

The candidates appear here in the order they are set on the ballot.

The Approval Voting Party candidate, Jan Kok, is not included in the guide as the Approval Party is a single issue party representing proportional approval voting.

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Candidate Elevator Pitch

Rep. Diana DeGette

"I am running to continue my work and expand my record of progressive legislating while also achieving bipartisan results for Coloradoans and the American people. As a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, I look forward to continuing my work on expanding health care coverage and affordability and combating climate change."

Shane Bolling

The candidate has not returned a questionnaire.

Kyle Furey

The candidate has not returned a questionnaire.

Paul Noel Fiorino


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Candidate Comparisons

Where do the candidates stand on the issues? We've lined up a comparison of the candidates below compiled through a combination of CPR reporting, candidate questionnaires, interviews, news stories, campaign websites, candidate social media as well as congressional records and releases. For more in-depth information, click on either "Yes," "No," or "It's Complicated."

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Undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Denver’s Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies led by Graduate Teaching Assistant T. Michael Boddie contributed to the reporting in this candidate guide.

Updated Oct. 15: A candidate questionnaire was returned from Unity Party Candidate Paul Noel Fiorino.