Colorado 6th Congressional District 2020: Rep. Jason Crow, Steve House, Jaimie Lynn Kulikowski And Norm Olsen On The Issues

Democratic Freshman Rep. Jason Crow is in his first defense of the seat that he won in the last election from Republican Mike Coffman. The GOP challenger looking to take the seat back is Steve House, a former state party chair and candidate for governor. Norm Olsen is the libertarian candidate and veteran Jaimie Lynn Kulikowski represents the Unity Party.

The candidates appear here in the order they are set on the ballot.

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Candidate Elevator Pitch

Steve House

"I believe Americans deserve a much better health care system which provides them better access to care, at a much lower cost that is competitive with the rest of the world, and that is at least in the top 3 highest quality systems. We also need to make education effective so that our students are both proficient and prepared to pursue their dreams. We need to address injustice in our policing and economic systems and we must reform immigration so that it is people-centered and far more effective. I am prepared to act immediately on these issues and have plans to address all of them. The current congressman has done very little to address any of these issues."

Rep. Jason Crow

"Our nation is at a crossroads, and we need leaders who are willing to put the good of the country first and lead with integrity. As the representative for Colorado’s 6th District, I have worked to increase transparency and accountability in our government and stood up to President Trump’s attacks on our democracy. At the same time, I have never backed down from reaching across the aisle to get things done for Colorado.  

Over the last two years, we’ve worked hard on the issues that matter most to Coloradans, from holding ICE accountable for conditions at detention centers, addressing gun violence, protecting coverage for preexisting conditions, or tackling the climate crisis, we have never backed down from the tough work. At the same time, we have completed over 1,000 constituent cases and recovered over $2 million to constituents in benefits owed. 

The next two years in Congress will be critical as we work to build back our economy from the COVID-19 pandemic and address the systemic racism facing our communities. It will be a long road ahead, and the promise I make to Coloradans is to continue to find areas where we can work together and make real change."

Jaimie Lynn Kulikowski

"Now is NOT the time to be giving sales pitches or debating our infinite number of complex issues.

This should have been your first and only question on the survey. China is not just our chief international rival. We face an imminent threat of being massively attacked by China again if Trump doesn’t win. Democrats HAVE GOT to drop their domestic wars against COVID and racism to see the forest for the trees. The fights against COVID and racism are diversions from a greater world war threat. If Trump loses, we will fall into the hands of communist China and lose an unprecedented number of American lives. 

I have six years military leadership education and four years serving honorably as a top-performing airborne army officer. This election is not about red beating blue. This about the U.S. beating China. Vote Trump-Pence. Vote Kulikowski. Vote for leaders, not party politicians."

Norm Olsen

"The 'Two Party System' is thoroughly corrupt and is destroying our republic. The evidence is clear: for decades the Congressional approval rating has languished at 20% while the incumbent reelection rate has been at 95+% level. The two major political parties are more interested in what benefits their party and, in turn, their individual political careers than what is in the best interest of the nation. I want our progeny, yours and mine, to inherit a government-run by concerned citizens rather than a bunch of tired old political hacks."

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Undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Denver’s Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies led by Graduate Teaching Assistant T. Michael Boddie contributed to the reporting in this candidate guide.

Update Oct. 13: Added a campaign elevator pitch provided by the campaign of Rep. Jason Crow.

Update Oct. 20: Updated campaign elevator pitch as provided by the campaign of Steve House.