Video: Polis Pleads With Colorado To ‘Show The Grit We Need,’ Reconsider Thanksgiving Plans To Overcome Coronavirus Surge

COVID-19 is hitting new records for infections and hospitalizations in Colorado. Gov. Jared Polis says 894 people are now hospitalized with the virus.

The number has risen sharply in recent weeks and tops the record of 888 reached in mid-April. The governor is urging people to significantly limit interactions outside their home and reconsider Thanksgiving plans.

"This is an intervention, cancel your social plans the next few weeks, avoid interacting with others, wear a mask, keep your distance, let's get through this," Polis said.

At least 18 counties in Colorado have moved to the second highest level of severity on the state dial, one step away from renewed Stay At Home orders. The state epidemiologist expects the number of deaths to rise with so many people sick in the hospital with COVID-19.

A new public health order issued this week changed the way the state classifies the seriousness of the pandemic and grants more local authority.