Video Premiere Exclusive: ‘Rocks’ By Los Mocochetes

The latest release from Denver’s Los Mocochetes is over four years old, but could have been penned this summer - inspired by unrest surrounding the murder of multiple Black citizens and the protests that followed fueled by police brutality. Not to mention rampant gentrification and political upheaval in our community and throughout the country. But, if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that these issues have just been freshly found by a minority of the population - boiling just under the surface, but a reality for many of the country’s marginalized communities. These issues are not new, but now, more than ever, the message needs to be heard.

Los Mocochetes, a Chicano funk band, create protest music you can dance to - and much of their catalogue is filled with catchy tunes that get stuck in your head and get you off your seat and on to the dance floor. 

“Rocks” is more of a call to action. Instead here, Los Mocochetes have crafted a tune that absolutely gets stuck in your head - but with the melodic flow telling the tale of police relations towards Black and Brown folks. You will want to get off your seat, but past the dance floor and out into the street. The tempo is slowed down so you don’t miss a word. It is an account of life in Denver and the United States that not only calls for action, but details why.

The video, directed by the band’s own Jozer Guerrero, is in honor of and celebrates the lives of George Floyd, Elijah McClain, Mike Brown and Breonna Taylor. Filmed on the streets of Denver, it also features the work of local muralist, Detour. The band is also raising funds for the family of McClain,who died from an injection of ketamine by Aurora police in August of 2019.

Hear more from Los Mocochetes on Especial, Wednesday nights at 10pm.