With The Lumineers Stuck At Home, Jeremiah Fraites Finished A Solo Album Started More Than A Decade Ago

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Danny Clinch
Jeremiah Fraites releases his debut solo album “Piano Piano” this week.

Jeremiah Fraites has co-written and played drums on three albums with The Lumineers over the past decade. Throughout that span, he's also been writing music for a different instrument: piano.

After a Lumineers tour was canceled by the pandemic, Fraites compiled those ideas on his debut solo album. "Piano Piano," out this week, is a collection of instrumental music that also features strings, percussion and guitar.

Fraites recorded the album in his Denver home during the quarantine. The music is often soothing and serene — even if the recording process was not.

"The amount of noise in the house was absurd to try to record a solo piano album," Fraites told Colorado Matters. "When my son would take his nap, I'd have anywhere from an hour to two hours to record these takes. It added a lot of pressure."

Fraites also spoke about his favorite piano players, his rules for writing instrumental music and his recent move to Turin, Italy.

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