Especial Blog: April 2021

April 28, 2021

Especial Playlist

As summer draws closer we're getting more and more jams to go along with it. After we essentially lost the summer of 2020, this year is proving to be a major one for music returning - not only live shows, but musicians releasing tunes they've been sitting on.

Bomba Estereo has announced the release date of the new album, Deja, which will be on July 2nd. New music to check out from Maria Raquel y Sus Maravillas - the debut single from the Colombian artist who blends cumbias, salsas and more. The Marias have announced their debut album, Cinema, out on June 25th. Also, new and local music from Fruta Brutal, who recently moved to Denver, and in February released the new EP, When It Matters.


Bomba Estereo - Soledad Deja Out July 2
Eli Montoya - Bachata de Amor Single
Okute - Quiere La Rumba Single
Fruta Brutal - Viva When It Matters EP
Quitapenas - Dos Mangos ft. Edule Single
Maria Raquel y Sus Maravillas - El Tiempo Se Acabo Single
The Mananas - Don’t Think Your Love Has Given Up Cheers EP
Jadsa - Raio de Sol ft. Ana Frango Electrico Olho de Vidro
Marinero - Nuestra Victoria Hella Love
Pinc Louds - Tamarindo Single
Neoma - Real Single
The Marias - Carino Superclean Vol. II Cinema out June 25
La Reyna Tropical - Encerrada ft. Y La Bamba Single
Natalia Lafourcade - Cien Anos ft. Pepe Aguilar Un Canto Por México, Vol. 2'
Katiria - Down My Walls Single
Luchy DR x Leli Hernandez x Victoria la Mala - Bufon Single
iZCALLi - Never Had a Chance Casa De Papel

April 20, 2021

Comunidad Guest DJ: Jimmy Maldonado

Jimmy Maldonado
Courtesy of guest

Piercings have long been a part of the history of the peoples in the lands now known as the Americas. Now, it's an ancestral link, connection and form of healing. A continuation of la cultura. Jimmy Maldonado is dedicated to connecting with and healing ancestors, not only through his work piercing at Sol Tribe Tattoo & Piercing on South Broadway, but also through danzante and more. I know Jimmy through these ties to community and I'm so excited he's my guest DJ this week! Read more about him, and check out his playlist, below:

What do you do in the Denver community:
 I am a professional body piercer at Sol tribe and a keeper of traditions. Mitotiani. Mexica danzante. 
Tell me about your background:
I am one of 12 and the son of immigrants. My family is from Mexico. I was raised Chicano, but my roots are of Mixteco and Nahua. I've always been a part of the Denver community, whether it was from me piercing people, or keeping our culture and traditions alive through Danza at schools, or other community cultural events
Tell me about your Latinidad:
I mainly identify with my indigeneity. Spending a lot of time in Mexico from the time I was a chamaco (kid) to my adult years. I've always been inspired and amazed at how strong and resilient our indigenous brothers and sisters are and have always been. Puro sangre indigena! I guess I've always grown up this way.
Why does representation matter in community work:
 Representation matters so much, especially for our Native, indigenous, Chicano, Mexican, LGBT, and poc communities. It's important to create a future where our future generations can thrive, be heard, valued, respected, and set up for success. 
What is one way the community can uplift Latin work/voices:
 Support our gente's businesses and artists. Listen to our voices without trying to shut us down. Support your local street vendors, and continue to fight to get our kids out of cages.

April 15, 2021

Especial Playlist

La musica local este semana es fuego - we've got two new singles from...


...and Los Mocochetes:

Not to mention a few local tributes to Selena - la reina, who would have turned 50 on April 16th. Last year, Don Chicharron sent over their version of "La Carcacha," and this week I've got covers of "Missing My Baby," from Celeste Martinez (who is also a part of the band TuLips), and "Techno Cumbia" from Pink Hawks (with their newest member, Lindy Chavez, and the radio debut of Zora Nieto, age 8). Feliz cumple, reina:

And more new music to look forward to:

Selena - Bidi Bidi Bom Bom Amor Prohibido
Pink Hawks - Techno Cumbia Single
Los Esplifs - Galaxia Estraik Back Out April 20
Bomba Estereo - Agua Deja Out April 21
Katiria - Down My Walls Single
Salt Cathedral - Te Quiero Olvidar *isolation remixes*
Reyna Tropical - Encerrada ft. Y La Bamba Single
Jose Gonzalez - El Invento Local Valley Out September 17
Celeste Martinez - Missing My Baby Single
Javiera Mena - Dos Single
Marinero - Nuestra Victoria Hella Love Out May 21
Los Mocochetes - Tacos Single
Grupo Estrella Campesino - Changui en Yateras Single
Lido Pimienta - Nada ft. Li Saumet Miss Colombia
Don Chicharron - La Carcacha Single