CPR Classical joins nationwide Public Radio Music Day celebration

Did you know?!

Classical radio, coast to coast is protected by public radio? The big city classical stations once were all commercially owned.  Same in Denver, in danger of disappearing.

But now, listeners hold the power, and continue to keep classical radio strong, including on Colorado Public Radio, 24 hours a day!

U.S. Politicians in Washington D.C. agree. The U.S. Senate's unanimous vote to recognized Public Radio Music Day in 2021.

Why? Simple.

Because music on public radio - like CPR Classical - serves and connects our individual communities across the United States, like nothing else. The music on CPR Classical is locally curated and hosted. 

This is also the only place you will hear a steady flow of Colorado's classical music, from our musicians, Colorado music organizations and exclusive recordings from the CPR Performance Studio. That’s powerful.

Join Colorado Public Radio in the celebration!  Learn more here.

Support music on public radio everyday - CPR Classical is your 24/7 classical soundtrack.

Hear CPR Classical by clicking “Listen Live” at the top on this website. You can also hear CPR Classical at 88.1 FM in Denver, at radio signals around Colorado, or ask your smart speaker to “Play CPR Classical."