Indie 102.3 staff’s favorite music videos of 2021

Kevin Beaty/CPR

Do you ever go down a music hole for hours and hours, discovering new tunes and artists, finding the most insane storylines, or seeing how your favorite artists turned their tunes into a short film? Then this is for you! A few of the Indie Staff have put together some of their must-see music videos to come out in 2021. We watched hours of videos, spanning genres and narrowed it down to just a handful of really memorable ones. Watch visuals from our talented Local 303 alums, learn some choreography, and be prepared to be entertained.

Demi Harvey

Jungle - "Keep Moving"

I remember watching Jungle's visuals for their first self-titled album and being in awe of the one shot takes and intricate choreography. Now that the British band has returned with their second album Loving In Stereo, the music videos have continued to dazzle. Heads up, they've created visuals for every track on this album and every single one is a showstopper.

Yves Tumor - "Jackie"

In an almost video game-like battle to an electric end, Yves goes against an all powerful Jackie. Who wins? You'll have to watch to see who prevails.

Waiting Room - "Cool Girl"

This breakout Local 303 alum makes sitting around in a waiting room look fun and pretty messy.

Olivia Rodrigo - "brutal"

Disney star turned pop's darling Olivia Rodrigo gives us a dose of early 2000's nostalgia in her angsty single.

Jessi Whitten

The Mañanas - "Lucia"

This video is extremely simple and cute and that's what I love about it. You can use this video at a karaoke party or just do the twist with the dudes as adorably primitive CGI has them doing a lil dance on a turntable.

Bellhoss - "hiding"

Who doesn't love a trippy waking-dream! This full EP video is just so beautifully done and adds to the story of the music in a complimentary way.

The Velveteers - "Charmer And The Snake"

The Velveteers are just incredible and this video captures their hazy retro glam vibe so well.

Katie Bradley

Gabriels - "Love and Hate in a Different Time"

I almost pursued a master’s in film restoration and preservation so this music video hit me hard playing to my interest and passion for history, celluloid, and the capture of the way we move with each other in a space known in this instance as DANCE.

SASAMI - "The Greatest"

The style of this music video makes me feel nostalgic for epic 80’s ballads and lo fi production. Sasami in her awesome conductor outfit battles? wills? oh right, conducts, banshee bandmates and a Marshall amp proving her musical powers to be the greatest.

Glass Animals - "I Don't Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)

Maybe I like this video because it gives me exactly what the songs give me permission to stop whatever I’m doing to shut up and dance. Seeing other people let go just gives me good vibes.

Zach Giltrap

Noga Erez feat. ROUSSO - "Story"

Whenever I’m in a library I also like to pretend I’m in a superspy throwdown set to really amazing music.

Still Woozy - "That's Life"

It was a tough choice between his “Get Down” and “That’s Life” videos, but Sven as a caveman…*nods* that’s enough reason to enjoy two minutes and thirty four glorious seconds with the genius of Still Woozy.

Bachelor - "Back Of My Hand"

It’s not "nice" per-se,  but a nice change to see fans of artists really commit to having bands spend time alone with them. Obviously not something anyone condones or the two artists in Bachelor would do, but it makes for a great Police-esque "Every Breath You Take" vibe.

Willobee Carlan

Tears For Fears - "The Tipping Point"

It's hard to believe this is only TFF’s seventh album as they seem to have been part of our consciousness for so much longer. This might have to do with the fact that the duo went through a long divorce and it’s so wonderful to see them working together again. The video is a heartfelt, deeply personal work of art that pays tribute to Roland Orzabal’s wife who passed in 2017.

Jack White - "Taking Me Back"

While the song is taking us back to an early White Stripes intensity, it's very hard to capture the essence of Jack White in 2D on a flat screen. This electrifying piece, while subdued in color, exaggerates Jack’s persona with his newly blue coiffed head. The imagery reaches out and pulls you in and takes on a dimension that matches the ferocity of the track.

Ambar Lucid - "Get Lost In The Music"

This piece is an introspective and intimate introduction to Amabr. She allows us to get to know her up close and feel her emotional performance. The song is an earworm only exacerbated by the film’s imagery and Ambar’s electric personality.