Two scenic roads reopen for Memorial Day, late snow will keep a third closed

(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)
Visitors take in a scenic overlook off Trail Ridge Road, above tree-line at Rocky Mountain National Park, west of Estes Park, Colo., Monday, July 14, 2014.

Rocky Mountain National Park announced Friday that Trail Ridge Road is open for the season. A late May snowstorm created five-foot deep snow drifts over some portions of the road, leaving park officials uncertain if workers would be able to clear the road in time for Memorial Day weekend. Drivers will need to reserve an entry time in advance, and all visitors also need to purchase a park pass to access the road.

Workers were also able to clear snow and reopen Independence Pass on Thursday. As always, the Colorado Department of Transportation urges motorists to check the weather and road conditions before driving the pass. 

The same late-season snowfall and high winds that had workers hustling to clear Trail Ridge Road has delayed the opening of Mount Evans Road. Like Trail Ridge Road, the popular scenic drive and cycling route closes each winter and traditionally reopens Memorial Day weekend.The road is scheduled to reopen the first weekend in June and timed-entry tickets for Mount Evans Road will again be required this year for cars, motorcycles and scooters. Access is free for cyclists and hikers.

On Sunday, the return of snow, ice and reduced visibility caused Trail Ridge to be temporarily closed. Officials at Rocky Mountain National Park encourage travelers to call 970-586-1222 for updated reports on the road's status.

This story was updated May 29 with the temporary closure of Trail Ridge Road.