Another death on Lake Pueblo, prompting alerts over Colorado water safety amid uptick in water-related deaths this year

Lake Pueblo
Courtesy Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Lake Pueblo

Two people died in separate incidents on Lake Pueblo last week, according to Colorado wildlife officials.

Rangers recovered a body Thursday after receiving a call reporting a woman had gone missing from shore. Her body was located by a drone 10 minutes later and recovered from under 20 feet of water.

On Saturday, only two days later, CPW reported a woman died following a boating accident, despite “life-saving measures” taken by CPW staff. 

The agency did not identify either victim, and neither have been given an official cause of death. 

If both are confirmed as drownings, it would bring statewide drownings up to 24 this year. Lake Pueblo alone accounts for four of those deaths — six if these are confirmed as drownings. The statewide record was set in 2020, when 34 people drowned.

Colorado wildlife officials are concerned by the high number of deaths this year, and worry the state may see the record shattered with a little less than half the year remaining. 

Officials have been urging people to wear a life jacket while on any lakes, rivers, or streams as well as helmets and footwear if near rapids or when participating in any activities that might elevate risk of injury.

Correction: This article very briefly stated the incorrect number of deaths on Lake Pueblo.