For the Mozart family, having friends in high places was the norm

Pianist Katie Mahan in front of villa Robinighof in Salzburg.

In this week's episode of Mozart Snapshots, pianist Katie Mahan takes us to an off the beaten path hidden gem in Salzburg, the beautiful rococo villa "Robininghof".

The home is named after it's 18th century owner Georg Joseph Robinig von Rottenfeld, who owned a mining company outside of Salzburg. He and his wife were good friends, and financial supporters of the Mozart family.

Wolfgang and his sister Nannerl grew up playing with the two younger Robinig children, Sigismund and Luisa. It's thought that Mozart had a crush on his friend, Luisa. However, he had some harsh words to say about Luisa's older sister.

Join Katie for this glimpse into the influential social network of the Mozart family in this episode of Mozart Snapshots.

Pianist Katie Mahan is from Golden, Colorado, but lives in Salzburg now for her concert career. She is following in Mozart's footsteps in his home city every week in this video blog series. Come back each week for a new episode.

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