Colorado Public Radio’s voter guide to the 2022 general election

Hart Van Denburg/CPR News
Just-arrived envelopes of ballots wait to be sorted at the Arapahoe County Elections Facility and Warehouse on Federal Boulevard in Littleton, Thursday, June 9, 2022. The process of sending out Colorado 2022 primary election ballots began June 6th and the first returns are starting to arrive and the Arapahoe County and similar facilities.

CPR's guide to the 2022 election

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The 2022 general election is shaping up to be contentious and consequential for Coloradans, as voters pick who will run the state and represent us in Congress. There are also nearly a dozen amendments and law changes to decide on, covering everything from affordable housing to psychedelic mushrooms. 

The election comes at a time when COVID-19 continues to shape our lives and economists warn of an impending recession. The past two years since the last major election have also continued to be a time of upheaval in the nation, with challenges to the very operations of democracy itself. Through all of this, CPR has turned to Coloradans to tell us what is important to them, and what they want candidates to be talking about.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive non-partisan guide (with many links!) to help voters throughout Colorado understand their ballots — and helpful information about how to vote. And if you’re looking for a Denver-specific guide, you can find that on Denverite here. For those wanting a Southern Colorado-specific list, check out this guide from KRCC.

Happy voting.

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U.S. House Races | Ballot Questions | Judges | Board of Regents | Board of Education
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Incumbent Jared Polis, Lt. Gov. Diane Primavera (Dem)
Challenger Heidi Ganahl, Lt. Gov Danny Moore (GOP)

Minor party candidates: Paul Noël Fiorino, Cynthia Munhos de Aquino Sirianni (Unity Party), Danielle Neuschwanger, Darryl Gibbs (American Constitution Party), Kevin Ruskusky, Michele Poague (Libertarian Party), Paul Willmon, Kathren May (unaffiliated), Zachary Varon, Sean Hoyt (unaffiliated)

Secretary of State

Incumbent Jena Griswold (Dem)
Challenger Pam Anderson (GOP)

Minor party candidates: Gary Swing (Unity Party), Jan Kok (Approval Voting Party), Amanda Campbell (American Constitution Party), Bennett Rutledge (Libertarian Party)

Attorney General

Incumbent Phil Weiser (Dem) vs challenger John Kellner (GOP)

Minor party candidates: William F. Robinson III (Libertarian Party), Stanley Thorne (unaffiliated)


Incumbent Dave Young (Dem) vs. challenger Lang Sias (GOP)

Minor party candidates: Anthony J. Delgado (Libertarian Party)

U.S. Senate Race

Incumbent Michael Bennet (Dem)
Challenger Joe O'Dea (GOP)

Minor party candidates: T.J. Cole (Unity Party), Brian Peotter (Libertarian Party), Frank Atwood (Approval Voting Party), John Carleton Rutledge (Libertarian Party), Robert Messman (unaffiliated), Joanne Rock (unaffiliated), Tom Harvey (unaffiliated)

U.S. House Races

Congressional District 1

Rep. Diana DeGette (Dem) vs. Jennifer Qualteri (GOP)

Minor party candidates: John C. Kittleson (Libertarian Party, Iris Boswell (Green Party)

Congressional District 2

Rep. Joe Neguse (Dem) vs. Marshall Dawson (GOP)

Minor party candidates: Gary L. Nation (American Constitution Party), Tim Wolf (Unity Party), Steve Yurash (Colorado Center Party)

Congressional District 3

Rep. Lauren Boebert (GOP)
Adam Frisch (Dem)

Minor party candidates: Marina Zimmerman (unaffiliated), Richard "Turtle" Tetu (unaffiliated), Kristen Skowronski (unaffiliated)

Congressional District 4

Rep. Ken Buck (GOP) vs. Ike McCorkle (Dem)

Minor party candidates: Ryan McGonigal (American Constitution Party)

Congressional District 5

Rep. Doug Lamborn (GOP) vs. David Torres (Dem)

Minor party candidates: Brian Flanagan (Libertarian Party), Christopher Mitchell (American Constitution Party), Matthew Feigenbaum (unaffiliated)

Congressional District 6

Rep. Jason Crow (Dem) vs. Steven Monahan (GOP)

Minor party candidates: Eric C. Mulder (Libertarian Party)

Congressional District 7

Erik Aadland (GOP)
Brittany Pettersen (Dem)

Minor party candidates: Ross Klopf (Libertarian Party), Critter Milton (Unity Party), JP Lujan (unaffiliated)

Congressional District 8

Yadira Caraveo (Dem)
Barbara Kirkmeyer (GOP)

Minor party candidates: Richard Ward (Libertarian Party), Tim Long (Colorado Center Party)

Ballot Questions

More on your ballot


How to judge a judge

Board of Regents

What they do and who's running

Board of Education

Who's running and why it has two new seats

Regional Transportation District Board of Directors

Denver Initiated Ordinances

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How to register, where to vote, and what’s on your ballot

Need to register to vote? Register online here or complete a paper form here. You can register to vote in Colorado up until 7 p.m. on Election Day and still cast a ballot (however, if you get too close to that deadline, you’ll have to vote in person).

Not sure if you’re registered? Check here.

The state’s Ballot Information Booklet is prepared by nonpartisan staff at the capitol: English version here, Spanish version here, audio version here.

Find your sample ballot here

Have questions about election security? Check out what the Secretary of State’s office has to say. Plus, check out our feature about everything you wanted to know about voting, election security and ballot counting in Colorado.

Remember these important dates: 

  • Oct. 17 is the first day that ballots may be mailed to voters
  • Oct. 24 - Nov. 8 is when county drop boxes are open to accept ballots
  • Oct. 24 in-person voting starts at county Vote Centers
  • Oct. 31 is the last day to submit an application to register to vote through the mail or online to receive a mail ballot.
  • Nov. 8 — Election Day. All ballots must be turned in by 7 p.m. in order to be counted.

Still have questions? Check the Secretary of State’s election section here. You can also check out our FAQ on voting here.