Listen: Colorado’s new alert system for missing Indigenous people seems to be working. But some hiccups remain

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Matt Bloom/CPR News
A Missing Indigenous Person Alert bulletin for Rakel Morigeau-Reum. Family members printed out copies of the alert to distribute during a search party on May 6. Family located Morigeau-Reum shortly after the search with help from the alert.

On a Saturday morning around 8 a.m. in May, a group of about a dozen people gathered in a circle in a vacant Littleton strip mall parking lot.

They gathered there to look for Rakel Morigeau-Reum, an Indigenous woman who had been missing since mid-April.

A new statewide system is meant to alert the public when someone from the Indigenous community goes missing. Advocates say it has helped, but they are also frustrated by some features of the system — namely that it takes to long to get an alert out.

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